Cheap dice (and books) with a side of ennui

A bookstore closing is a sad thing, but it often means there are deals to be had!

The Barnes and Noble on Rittenhouse Square here in Philadelphia is closing their iconic location and picking up sticks and moving to Chestnut Street. While I’m sad to see the store close, I’m happy that they are just moving. Especially since it seems they don’t want to take everything with them which means they are having a big old sale.

I got this stack of books for 40% off cover price, which isn’t too shabby:

But, as frequent Barnes and Noble visitors know, they carry all manner of non-book materials. Amongst the board games, books, and other random stuff you’ll find dice. More importantly, you’ll find Chessex’s pound of dice!

I grabbed one thinking it wouldn’t be included in the sale, and I was sort of right. It wasn’t 40% off, but rather 50% off. That’s a very good deal, my friends.

And it included this neat set of dice that remind me of funfetti cake:

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