Science education in this country is a real problem

There are so many ways in which people’s ignorance and mistrust of science are impacting our society, but people not trusting vaccines is really high on the list.

Case in point? Idiots in Ohio have created the largest outbreak of measles in the country.

If you’re thinking, “But, Scott, we haven’t had to worry about measles for years!” That was true, since it was effectively eradicated in the States thanks to vaccines. But then idiots decided that Bill Gates wants to track you with nanobots or inject 5G into your veins or something.. so they decided not to vaccinate their kids. And now, measles are back.

Surely, this outbreak will inspire unvaccinated people to get the shot, though, right? Nope:

The health department is ready to administer shots, but only half a dozen parents have brought kids in since the outbreak started this fall.

That probably means most kids are already vaccinated (hurrah!) but vaccine refusal still really annoys me. No one wants to track you, and I’d rather you weren’t spewing measles virus in the trolley with me.

Via John Siracusa

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