Bert and Cthulhu sitting in a sink

Just a normal day in these parts

When one of your 3 year olds vomits in his bed there is often collateral damage. Declan and Sammy both sleep with a number of “stuffies.” Amongst Declan’s we have Bert and Cthulhu, that age old pairing.

They were both in the “splash zone” and so had to visit the sink for a bit.

My pal Greg Knauss sent us two Cthulhus as baby presents when the boys were born, and each of them has a Cthulhu in his crib. Sammy and Declan may be the only 3 year olds around who request Cthulhu by name at bed time (Sammy did it tonight! He untucked himself said, “I need Cthulhu,” grabbed him and snuggled down).

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