I went into the office yesterday, as you do, and I decided to try something a little different. I go into the office twice a week, usually, and have done so for the last several months.

And for the last several months I’ve been having the exact same thing for lunch when I’m in the office: chicken over rice from a food cart (I go to the same one, and the person who runs it starts my order when they see me. I don’t even need to say anything!). It costs $7 and is quite tasty, plus it saves me the effort of trying to figure out what to have for lunch.

Yesterday I thought I’d live a little bit and try something different. I happened to find myself in front of Dig, a fast casual place I’ve been to before. I figured I’d pop in and get some chicken over farro (LIVING ON THE EDGE!).

Dig’s food is very tasty, however, I didn’t notice that a price list was no where to be found. When I went to pay for my bowl (with double chicken and tip) I found that it cost a little over $20.

I was quite surprised, but I wasn’t going to cancel my order (which I was holding) at that point… so I paid and off I went to eat it.

That’s when I discovered the farro has squash in it now (I don’t like squash). Sigh.

Despite all of that, it was tasty…but I don’t think it was three times as tasty as my normal lunch. And not worth $20.

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