What’s that?

SwabThanks to the pandemic, I’ve been able to work from home a lot, which I quite like. I never really thought I would like it, to be honest. I figured I’d be distracted and just did not want to mix work and home.

Turns out it is fantastic. However, I do come into the office fairly regularly (I’m typing this in the office right now, don’t tell my boss). This morning I headed to work and made my traditional stop: the COVID testing center.

Every time I come to campus, I get tested for COVID. Why? Because we’re in a pandemic, silly! And why not? It is free, easy, and quick.

I went in today, checked in, got my nasal swab and tube, and headed to the person who would observe my test. He asked me if I had done this before, and I nodded.

As I struggled to free the swap from its plastic (I always feel like I tell the person I’ve done this before, and then it appears as if I’ve never encountered plastic wrapping as I try to get that damned swab out), he mumbled something.

I leaned in and said, “Excuse me?” He looked at me, shook his head, and pointed to his ear.

Then I thought, “Dear god! He’s deaf, and I’ve insulted him. But how will he confirm my date of birth since I’m wearing a mask and don’t know sign language? Should I know sign language? Maybe I could type it on my phone and show him the screen. Oh man, I hope he didn’t mind that I assumed he could hear.”

He then continued with his phone call using the earbud that he had pointed out to me.

Ahh, he wasn’t deaf. Just rude.

I felt better as I liberated the swab and shoved it into my nostrils one after the other.

Bonus tidbits:

  • My love of orange means that more and more things in my wardrobe are various shades of orange. Which means I’m perilously close to being one of those people who dresses monochromatically. I’m not sure if I’m okay with that.
  • The Wawa I frequent is closing because of “safety concerns.” I want the staff to be safe, of course, but I think Wawa is mostly concerns with the safety of the product in the store. Many times I have noticed someone stealing something. I sometimes think that maybe I should point this out to the people in the store, or say something to the person taking the item. Then I realize that the person taking it most assuredly needs it more than Wawa needs the profit. Plus, no one wants me becoming a convenience store vigilante. Though I’m bummed that is closing and now I’ll need to walk slightly further away to go to one of the other two nearby Wawas.
  • The odd graphic accompanying this post was generated using DiffusionBee. That’s right, I’ve harnessed the power of AI to make crappy blog graphics. SUCH IS MY POWER!

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