Skyward Inn by Aliya Whiteley *****


It would seem this book is either a retelling/reimagining of another book called “Jamaica Inn,” or at least inspired by it. I’ve never heard of, or read, Jamaica Inn, but I can tell you that if it is half as good as Skyward Inn it is very good indeed.

I haven’t read a really good sci-fi book in awhile (I’ve been stuck on mysteries as of late, so I haven’t read much sci-fi in general to be honest) and Skyward Inn hit the spot. It is one of those small stories that gives you tantalizing glimpses into a much, much bigger world the author has hidden away just around the corner.

I didn’t see the end of the book coming, but I suppose I should warn folks that it does involve some “body horror” so if that’s not your cup of tea you should skip this book.

Everyone else should pick it up and then open it to the first page and scan the words with your eyes… well, you know how to read!

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