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A Bitter Feast by S.J. Rozan ****


I should start off by saying that I’m not Chinese, and neither is S.J. Rozan. However, S.J. Rozan writes a mystery series, of which Bitter Feast is the 5th entry, that features two narrators who switch off as the lead character in each book: a white guy named Bill Smith and a young Chinese American woman called Lydia Chin.

Large chunks of these books deal with the Chinese American experience, and I can’t speak to the authenticity of that. I can, however, say that S.J. Rozan knows how to write, and Lydia and Bill are both great characters. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a movie/tv series around them yet (perhaps something is in the works!).

You could start reading the series with this entry, though it isn’t the easiest one to find… while the first book is pretty easy to pick up.

Speaking of picking up, this book took a little bit to grab my attention, but once it did, I had to find out what was going to happen. And whether Lydia and Bill are going to accept their mutual attraction (not yet, but there are many more books in the series!).

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