Streak broken

It was bound to happen! I forgot to post something to my blog yesterday, thus ending a 45 day streak of blogging.

A moment of silence for the streak, please.

However, the streak was made possible by a variety of things that removed friction from my blogging process:

  • I moved my blog from the venerable, but seldom updated over the last decade, Typepad blogging platform. I loved TypePad, but the mobile posting options were… poor.
  • Moving to WordPress gives me access to an iOS blog editor. I can’t tell you how often I searched for one that would let me post to TypePad and was thwarted by the lack of results. The WordPress app is pretty darned good (I’m using it to write this very post!).
  • Speaking of iOS, recent versions introduced a feature called “Shortcuts” which are basically little automations you can cobble together to do a variety of things. I never really could think of a use for them, so I didn’t do anything with them. However, once I moved my blog to WordPress I realized I could create a shortcut that would make it super easy for me to post a link, with some pithy commentary, to my blog. Which accounts for the new Links category that, honestly, was the only way I was able to maintain a 45 day streak!

What the streak reminded me of was how much fun writing about the random stuff I’m interested in (or that happens to me) is! I was lured into the immediate pleasure of tweeting and doom scrolling (which, admittedly, isn’t that much fun… but it certainly sucks you in) and forgot that I actually like to write. Who knew?

This is all a long way of saying I may have missed a day, but I won’t be going weeks without posting again. Maybe I’ll help usher in a personal blogging resurgence!

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