Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

This isn’t an idea that’s original to me, but I do find it odd that seemingly the people most against legalized abortions also seem to be the people who really want guns on hand just in case they need to kill government agents on their property. These people, oddly enough, also proclaim to be “pro-police.” But stock enough ammo in case they are ever in a police siege (gotta shoot your way out because of liberty!).

Anyway, I’ve never owned a gun nor have I fired one. I don’t think anyone needs to own one but I know that won’t fly. I do think that if you own a gun you should have to register it (or all of them) and take a yearly safety test.

I also think women should be able to access whatever healthcare they need, including abortions. If you don’t like abortions… well don’t get one (or don’t put someone else in a situation where they might need one!).

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