Flashfood – save money on almost expired food

Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Canada and the U.S.

Flashfood | Save money and reduce food waste

You and I both know that expiration dates on food are pretty much a scam, right? But what you and I didn’t do is… anything about it!

The people at Flashfood aren’t like you and I. They are problem solvers, my friends. And they seemingly hate food waste!

They created this cool app which is pretty simple: when you open it up it’ll display a list of Flashfood participating stores near you. Tap on one and then you’re greeted with a scrolling list of nearly expired food that you can buy for 50% off.

My dinner today featured a chicken that was probably going to be thrown out and instead it is now in my belly… and I saved $4. Chicken and money? What more can you want, people?

I also enjoy the fact that clearly someone who works at the grocery store has to take pictures of the food they post on Flashfood. I’m pretty sure that isn’t their favorite part of their job.

Anyway, check it if you like saving money and aren’t too worried about expiration dates.

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