Too many Sonoses

Fortunately, the deliveries have stopped, but he’s still left with dozens of boxes that have nowhere to go. When he tried contacting Sonos’ customer service, he told us he’s “passed around daily to new reps” who promise he’ll receive a call or update that never comes.

Sonos hasn’t offered him anything for the inconvenience of converting his apartment into a Sonos storage unit besides the “courtesy” of free shipping labels used to fix the problem it caused in the first place.

Sonos declined to comment.

Sonos glitch accidentally sent this guy $15,000 worth of speakers – The Verge

I once ordered a large monitor from Dell. I got it quickly and then the next day another one arrived.

I called Dell and told them two had arrived when I had ordered one and the rep said, “what’s the issue?”

I explained again. Slowly.

They said, “Why don’t you just keep the extra one?”

That didn’t feel right to me, and I was pretty sure I’d get charged for it if I had kept it (and rightly so!). I convinced Dell to take the extra monitor back after a little back and forth.

Companies are dumb.

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