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How much Diet Pepsi is too much Diet Pepsi?

My treasures.

I drink more diet soda than I should. I know this, so no need to tell me. I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke so I feel like I can have one vice and that vice is diet soda (I’m working on the whole eating too much stuff but that’s a story for another time.

Here in Philadelphia there’s a “sugary drinks” tax, which as a diet soda drinker I thought I would be immune to. Sadly, for some reason, some places charge the extra tax on diet soda even though it has no sugar and therefore, stay with me here, it can’t be a sugary drink.

I’m not particularly price sensitive, however, I am easily outraged. Hence, I try to get soda as cheaply as possible to stick it to the man. As you do.

Dollar sign emoji added by me, not the Giant web design team.

Fast forward to the other day, I checked the Giant app (Giant being a supermarket in these parts, not a large mythical creature known for birds that poop precious metals) to see if they were having any sales on Diet Pepsi. Their normal price is $3.59, which is crazy. It was on sale, though not by much – $2.79. Not too exciting. But then I noticed in small print “3/$3 (limit 3).”

I did what any normal person would do, I bought 9 bottles of Diet Pepsi for $9. And repeated that purchase the next day.

The sale is still happening… and I wonder how often I should take advantage of it. I feel like one more time is probably ok, but any more than that might be… too much.

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