Get yourself a Roku Express

The best $23 I’ve spent in a long time was on a Roku Express (pictured above). I’ve long abandoned the other TVs, both Apple and Fire, for Roku but I think even folks still using competing products should pick one up.

Why? They are the ideal travel companions. Sure, most AirBnBs these days have smart TVs that you can plug your credentials in… but do you really want to do that? And guess what? Even with a crappy password it is still a pain to log into everything.

Much easier to pop an HDMI cable into the TV and the Roku and be done.

Now, some people might recommend you get one of those streaming sticks. Those are the ones that the whole device plugs into the HDMI port. You don’t even need a cable! The problem is that while those things are small, I’ve still had issues with them not fitting or it being an annoyingly tight fit.

The Roku Express is super tiny, and since you’re plugging in a cable it doesn’t need to fit itself behind the TV. That makes it a breeze to setup. You’ll be watching Columbo on Peacock mere moments after arriving to your room.

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