The Excited Pancake Song

I never knew they were singing about pancakes

This morning Marisa made the boys pancakes for breakfast. They aren’t great at cutting their own food just yet, so Marisa cuts up the pancakes on a cutting board and then distributes the pieces to Sammy and Declan.

Well, as Marisa was giving Sammy his share one piece of pancake “jumped” from the cutting board to his plate. Marisa said that it was so excited to be eaten that it jumped onto Sammy’s plate.

Sammy then spent the rest of the day telling us over and over again about his excited pancake that jumped onto his plate.

As we were getting them ready for bed Marisa played them “I’m so excited” by the Pointer Sisters and they both very much enjoyed the song. Sammy is certain that the song is about his pancake. I worry he may not have a full grasp on logistics… or how time works but then again, I’m not sure the song isn’t about pancakes.

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