Thanks for the spittle

There was a tent there once.

Those folks pictured above are dismantling the floor of a very large tent the University had set up to do a staggering amount of COVID PCR tests. Whenever I was on campus I’d stop by the tent and fill a vial with my saliva (they were very adamant that one shouldn’t spit into the tube. Drool only please).

It was in that tent that I perfected staring into the middle distance as my mouth filled with saliva. I found it best to avoid making eye contact during this process. Trust me.

According to the results website I visited that tent about 42 times (all negative tests, by the way). The University is still, for now, offering free on demand testing for University community members. It is just happening in a little store front now, which is probably the right choice but feels kinda cramped.

Thanks to everyone who worked in that tent. Let me know if you ever need me to drool into a tube for you!

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