PA in the news, for the wrong reasons

Fears about the anti-democratic leanings of Mastriano have rippled across Pennsylvania and through the country since he won the Republican primary last week. Were he to go on to defeat Shapiro, the state’s current attorney general, in November he would have considerable powers at his disposal to support what would in effect be an insurrection.

As governor, he would theoretically be able to refuse to certify the results of an election even though it had been conducted freely and fairly. He would also have the power to appoint Pennsylvania’s secretary of state – the position that controls all elections in the state.

Shapiro: ‘Dangerous’ Republican rival Mastriano could override will of voters | Pennsylvania | The Guardian

I very much hope the guy who doesn’t believe in democracy loses the PA governor’s race. He also has a whole host of other troublesome views… but the whole “governor and state legislators should choose who wins presidential elections” is a big no from me!

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