Just Us Laundry Chickens

Laundry Chicken

It may surprise you to learn that I don’t do the bulk of the domestic duties here at Blankbaby Manor. Marisa does the vast majority of it, including laundry, and I’m very appreciative.

We have a fancy washer/drier combo machine (that is, the washer and the drier are the same machine!), which is great for saving space. However, it is a bit of complex machinery and as such it fairly often stops working. At the moment we are awaiting a part to be installed (and have been for the last month). When our in apartment laundry facilities are out of commission I take over the laundry duties.

Why? Because Marisa doesn’t like using our building’s laundry room, and I don’t mind at all. Not only do I get to use our chicken coin purse (as pictured above) but I have fond memories of spending many, many hours with my mother at our local laundromat. Honestly, I’m not sure why we sat there while the wash did its thing instead of walking the 5 minute walk back to our house… but stay there we did. We would both bring books and listen to the easy listening/soft rock music that played over the speakers laid over the soft rumble of the dyers and the sloshing of washing clothes.

I’m a public laundry doing kinda guy, though I will admit that when my mom moved to Virginia and I was the only person left in our family apartment I ended up paying the laundromat people to do my washing and drying for me.

Update: Shortly after I posted this I headed up to gather our dried laundry. As I opened the door to the laundry room the dryer I was using rolled to a slow stop. I’m a pro, people.

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