Impressive Balloons


Over the weekend we went to a birthday/seder celebration with Marisa’s family. It was a gorgeous day, which was very lucky since the celebration was outside (which was very thoughtful since the boys can’t be vaccinated yet, we have been avoiding going indoors with them in places other than our apartment for…. Well, forever it feels like).

They had a great time seeing folks and capering about, but for Declan the highlight of the day was the reveal of the balloons pictured above. They were, in theory, for David (the birthday boy) but Amy very thoughtfully bought them with Sammy and Declan in mind.

Declan sat on a little folding chair in the parking lot (which is where we were celebrating) and looked upon the balloons with wide eyes. I was sitting next to him so I heard him say, very quietly, as he looked at the Elmo and Thomas balloons, “Oh my gosh!”

He said it twice. He was very impressed.

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