I think we all knew he was worse than we thought

Covering Trump is not the same thing as going to work for him. Still, in both cases, as salacious details drip out, as we learn that as bad as we thought his presidency was, the reality was actually far worse, as Trump book after Trump book becomes a best-seller, I’m left wondering: what exactly are we doing with any of this information? If Trump runs for the White House again in 2024, will these books lead voters to view him more thoughtfully? Will it lead journalists to cover him more critically? Will Republican operatives think twice before going to work for him? Or will we all go on, the same as before, the better to gather material to publish in future books?

Kellyanne Conway’s new memoir and the two genres of Trump book – New Statesman

And I’ll tell you what these books mean to his supporters (and the coward politicians who are scared of him) – nothing.

I was going to say they don’t read, but that’s mean. I’m sure they don’t read these books, though!

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