Grandparents’ day!

Something is wrong with this iPad! – Me in a few years

When you have kids at an older age there are many an awkward social interaction.

When the boys were teeny tiny babies we went to their pediatrician for the first time. She said, “Hello, mom” to Marisa and said, “it is nice to see their grandfather here” looking at me.

Today I walked into our building pushing the boys in their stroller and Marisa next to me. A very friendly, and new, security guard looked up and smiled at all of us. She said, very happily, “grandparents day!”

I said, “we are their parents.”

She was appropriately apologetic, though, I don’t blame her. We are old. And we live in a building chockablock with grandparents.

Goodness knows I wouldn’t have wanted to have twins when I was 21 years old (which is what the security guard did!).

Now don’t mind me. I’m just going to crumble into a pile of dust.

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