Highs and Lows of waiting for a computer

2022 03 29 15 58 51

I ordered a Mac Studio as soon as they were announced, and was very excited to get my shipping notification.

Sadly, for me, my computer has just moved across China… and then stopped. Hopefully it’ll be here soon! I’m ready to welcome you to my desk, little Mac Studio!

Update 3/30, 11:54 am – My computer arrived in Alaska at 3:42am and left (for PA?) at 6:12am. UPS tells me they expect to deliver it by 7pm tonight. I do not share this expectation.

Update 3/30, 4:17pm – Looks like UPS has met my expectations:

2022 03 30 16 17 21

Update 3/30, 10:26pm – My computer arrived in Philadelphia several hours ago. Though not at my apartment. Tomorrow it shall be mine! (I hope.)

Update 3/31 8:19am – The Mac Studio has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle. I repeat: the Mac Studio has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle. More on this developing story as it happens.

Update 3/31 11:29am – Out for delivery, people! And it was a few hours ago, but I only just re-checked the status. Soon it will be mine!

Update 3/31 10:43pm – I’m typing this on my Mac Studio! OMG!

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