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A shirt from the other side of the hanger

Photo on 6 1 21 at 1 27 PM

The pandemic hasn’t been good for my waist line, like many other folks out there.

I’ve been snacking more, and moving less… because life has been stressful (at least for those of us who think COVID-19 is a real thing). However, since the pandemic seems to be winding down a bit for those populations in the world who can get vaccinated (and if you can, you should. No, Bill Gates isn’t interested in tracking you and this isn’t a grand government experiment to limit your freedom. Stop being an idiot.) I am again trying to do the right thing in regards to my health.

Since I’m vaccinated I am comfrotable with running outside again. I tried running with a mask for awhile, but it really, really sucked. So I bought a spinning cycle and used that, but my body just doesn’t respond to it the same way. Could be that I just don’t push myself hard enough on the bike, but running always seems to work for me when I want to start shedding some pounds.

And so I’ve been pounding the pavement in Center City.

A few months ago I spent a few hours trying on each and everyone one of my Hawiian shirts as I watched “Head of the Class” on HBO Max, as is tradtional.

This exercise left me with two groups of shirts:

I hung them all up, but placed a couple of hangers between them so I would know from which group to grab a shirt in the morning (let me tell you, trying on several shirts before you find one that fits is not a great way to start the morning).

Today, dear reader, I’m wearing a shirt that was formerly in the “Those that didn’t” section. Hurrah!

Now, I still have a lot of work to do before all of my shirts can intermingle once more, and I can close my eyes and select a shirt at random (my prefered method of dressing myself) but progress is being made.

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