Hey, I remember having this blog

I’m still alive, and paying for the blog’s hosting. Worry not!

Everything in the world is pretty awful at the moment, but things with our little family are actually pretty good.

No one is sick. We bought the apartment next door to ours that we’ve been coveting for over a decade, and the boys are only driving us slowly insane.

It is a little odd that I went from thinking I would never want to work from home to doing that for the last 6 months. Now I’m not sure if I want to go back to the office (well, I did like the fact that I could read for an hour during lunch at the office, so there’s that).

If anyone is reading this still, let me know how you’re doing in the comments!

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  1. Agreed 100% with being surprised I like working from home. Returning to physically showing up at the office 5 days a week will be a very tough sell.
    I’ve been going into the office for various reasons all along. I’ve found that showing up twice a week is the sweet spot between enjoying the camaraderie of co-workers, and not resenting the commute. I’m seeing a lot more of my family, but get to escape, too. It’s ideal.
    PS, I did a PHP update on our blog and it no longer loads a single page. I spent about 15 minutes mucking around trying to fix, it before giving up. We haven’t posted to it in years, so, that’s the end of that!

  2. Hey Scott,
    Greetings from Ecuador! Still working from home six months on, and right, surprising how positive an experience that has been. Very grateful to have work we can do remotely.
    Good to hear from you again.

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