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I have a voting plan

You don’t need me to tell you that lots of people are interested in what’s going to happen after this election cycle.

Here are couple of things you do need to know about me:

  • At one time I considered myself a Republican. I was registered and everything! I was a Rockefeller Republican, socially liberal and fiscally conservative (which today means most Republicans would consider me a socialist).
  • When I realized that the Republican Party was only concerned about the budget when a Democrat was President, and only concerned about keeping the government out of certain aspects of life some people’s lives (I.e. gun owning and being a Christian) I switched to being an Independent.
  • When Donald Trump became the nominee I switched my party to Democrat so I could vote for Hilary in the Primary (and the general election).

This is all to say that I thought Donald Trump was unfit for office before he won, and the last few years have proven it to me.

I have a plan to vote because I worry about what happens if Trump wins, again.

Over the last week I have been called by 6 different voting groups to ask me if I have a plan for voting. I do, so I say yes, which seems to surprise them. Then they say, ok, well... is there one issue you’re most concerned about? To which I reply: the end of civil society and the impending death of democracy.

That either gets silence or a, “Well, that’s a good issue to be concerned about! Thanks!”

Vote! Even if you plan to vote for Trump (though I am honestly dumbfounded by how any reasonable person could vote for Trump, and not because he’s a Republic but because he is so clearly unfit for the job.

I went to a bookstore!

IMG 4253

One thing having kids has taught me (other than kids are gross) is life is much better if you just delight in the little things. Everytime we give Sammy and Declan a sippy cup with water in it they shake it and laugh and laugh. They just love seeing/feeling the water slosh about.

Yesterday I did something I haven't been able to do in months: I went into an actual bookstore and browsed for books (that I didn't need, and yet I bought 4).

It was delightful, though I didn't laugh and laugh because I figured that would have creeped everyone else out.

I look forward to going into a bookstore without a mask and without counting all the customers and comparing that to the number listed on the door as the number of people allowed in at the same time (the actual number was a little higher than the sign said it should be. Tsk, tsk).

Hey, I remember having this blog

I'm still alive, and paying for the blog's hosting. Worry not!

Everything in the world is pretty awful at the moment, but things with our little family are actually pretty good.

No one is sick. We bought the apartment next door to ours that we've been coveting for over a decade, and the boys are only driving us slowly insane.

It is a little odd that I went from thinking I would never want to work from home to doing that for the last 6 months. Now I'm not sure if I want to go back to the office (well, I did like the fact that I could read for an hour during lunch at the office, so there's that).

If anyone is reading this still, let me know how you're doing in the comments!