Breakfast with the boys


Here’s some real talk: most everything about this global pandemic sucks.

And that’s an optimistic statement, just so you know how things are going these days. However, one benefit of all of this craziness is that while I’m working from home, and avoiding all human contact, new rituals have emerged.

One of the best is that I now feed these little guys their breakfast in the morning so Marisa can take a shower at a relatively sedate pace (i.e. she doesn’t have to have a monitor on the shelf or an audience of two tiny freaking out men watching her shower).

It has been a learning experience for us all.

Little Yogurt Beard

As you can see, Declan likes yogurt but has to work on paying attention while his less than neat father attempts to shove it into his mouth while, at the same time, Declan turns his head in the opposite direction to look at something and opens his mouth a tiny bit.

Sammy is all business at the breakfast table, and you can see he’s thinking, “Is there more yogurt in that phone? If not, put it away.”

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