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A funfetti fact about me


Without a doubt my favorite cake in the world is a Pilsbury Funfetti cake with Funfetti icing. That's the cake that I associate with childhood birthdays, and really does a food memory get any better than that?

For a long time Marisa would make me a birthday cake from scratch, and that cake was, in fact, better than the boxed cake of my memories. However, it just didn't taste like my birthday. So, she gave in and I've had one of these cakes for my birthday ever since.

And now I find out that there is a space themed funfetti offering (via the Impulsive Buy).

We are truly living in a special time.

I have good reasons for not blogging more

Chilling on the couch

These two little guys take up a lot of time! Who knew babies were so labor intensive?

Marisa is doing most of the heavy lifting, but that still leaves plenty for dear old Dad to do!

I've often had the urge to blog about something and then someone poops themselves (usually not me!) and the idea is chased out of my skull by the vulgar realities of the mortal world.

I'm still here and I will blog again! At some point! In 18 years or so.