Yes, I bought the new Kindle Oasis (third-generation)


Why? Because I love Kindles, silly!

I won’t be writing a review of it because I’m lazy and tending to some tiny helpless people, but I will point you to my pal Jason Snell’s Kindle Oasis review:

Yes, the $120 Paperwhite is the better buy. But the Kindle Oasis is a great splurge for people who simply want the best ebook reading experience around and don’t really mind that it costs twice as much as the step-down alternative.

He and I are very much of the same opinion about the Oasis (this one, and the previous version): they are fantastic but most people should just get the cheaper Paperwhite.

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  1. Enjoy the new kindle. I still enjoy my Kindle Paperwhite for some ebooks but I also have been buying more physical books once again. Seeing them on my desk / living room table give me a reminder to read / reference them. (They are more technical than fiction.)

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