Green hippos and tiny red foam bears

Hippo onsie

I don’t have a lot of super clear memories of my childhood, though it was a pretty good as these things go. I was oblivious about my parent’s very rocky marriage (which ended when I went to highschool though it probably shouldn’t have lasted that long) for most of my younger days so I was able to just be a kid.

The memories that do stick out revolve around, frankly, inconsequential objects.

Declan’s hippo onsie (pictured about) dredged up one such memory whilst I sat in our livingroom at 3am feeding him a bottle and staring at his onsie.

Growing up I had a variety of novelty erasers that could be stuck onto the end of a pencil. I have a very vivid memory of one eraser in particular: a green tutu wearing hippo. I never actually used it to earse anything because they would ruin it! But I did enjoy playing with it. In fact, I think I still have it somewhere though I couldn’t find it in the apartment after a short search.

Memory is an odd thing, huh?

Thinking about that eraser summoned up another memory about another even stranger thing that that I adored as a kid. I don’t recall where I got it from, or why I had it, but somehow I came into the possession of a small red foam bear. It was flat on one side and sort of a rounded cartoon bear with a little face that I drew onto it with a marker. Much like one of those foam dinosuars that come in those water disolvable capsules (which are made by Ja-Ru and you should totally visit their website). Think gummy bear made of foam.

I very much enjoyed taking that bear to school since it was so small and putting him on the pictures in my textbooks and imagining little adventures he would have.

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