Do fries come with that shake? No, they don’t but you can easily order some fries if you like. I would suggest, though, going with the onion rings


I love milkshakes. There’s not avoiding it (in fact, I jokingly suggested we get a milkshake company to sponsor Vulcan Hello the the other day… if you’re a powerful milkshake executive reading this, get in touch!).

Marisa contends that a milkshake is a dessert, while I think of it as a beverage.

And I’d very much like to enjoy one of these Orange Creamsicle “Shakes of the Month” at Bobby’s Burger Palace this month. I’m not sure how many Weight Watchers points it would be… but I would guess something like “ALL OF THEM.”

Seeing this also gave me fond memories of this Orange Cream float I had a couple of weeks ago at Disney World (which I really need to write about! The trip, not this particular treat… though it may have been my favorite treat of the trip):

Orange cream float

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