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Washington, DC 2019 Trip

A few weeks ago I got an email letting me know that I had a free night at a Kimpton Hotel offer that was soon to expire. Since our anniversary was approaching we decided to book a room in Washington, DC.

Yesterday we hopped on a train and ended up in Union Station:

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We took a selfie in front of the Capitol (and didn't run into any senators!).

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And then we took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens (which Marisa had been to many times to teach classes but never had the opportunity to actually see!).

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There was a water feature!

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None of the fruit was ready for picking, but you shouldn't pick it anyway!

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Lots of plants!

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And pictures of plants.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1907 43207330370 cc1a1827a5

Then we headed to the National Museum of the American Indian (which I had been to 13 years ago!)

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1926 45018377501 da3f89cf7b

I didn't take a lot of pictures in the museum because it bummed me out. The US Government has been pretty terrible to the American Indians. But he's a statue of George Washington chilling with some American Indians.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1924 31145895758 29247ee906

This was in our hotel room. Very dramatic.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1962 30081965807 614022e84c

Here's Marisa with a distant (and slightly better well known) relative.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1934 44107157255 c54d0a82ab

It would seem to Obama portraits have increased visitorship to the National Portrait gallery threefold.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1911 45018326781 a58237ae00

William McKinley or a vampire? You decide.

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My brunch was pretty tasty.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1944 30081968527 876e9679f2

Then we headed to the Air and Space Museum, which was a favorite of mine as a kid. Luckily, it seems have changed very little in 25 years. Ok, that wasn't so lucky as many of the exhibitions were looking a little worse for wear.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1920 44970199692 23262b7c82

But I was really there to see this original filming model of the Enterprise. We got there a little before 1pm without knowing that they light up the model for 10 minutes at 1pm!

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1905 30081965627 156ba56081

Here it is sans lights.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1956 43207349240 0c2e309bf1

We saw some sculpture.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1962 44299167494 0b08074752

And then visited the National Postal Museum, which I didn't have high hopes for. Turns out, it is a pretty good museum.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1928 44107151745 e416666286

And they have a sweet statue of Ben Franklin.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1950 31145942868 31e057feb1

"Be a man and do it!"

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1917 44970227532 a52d5bbbb7

This was on the ceiling.

Https farm2 staticflickr com 1945 43207298050 4be5b3a411

All in all a good time was had by all.

iOS 12

IMG 7844I'm a gadget guy, and I like to live on the edge. Therefore, I installed iOS 12 on my iPhone as soon as it became available (iOS is the software that powers your iPhone).

After reading a few reviews, I was expecting to be impressed. Or at least to notice... something. I do like the grouped notifications... kind of. But that's really the only thing I've noticed (but I did create a a "Memoji" because of course I did).

I will say that iOS 12 makes me glad that I don't have to spend my time writing about iOS 12.

Now even more Irish!

DNA Origins

I spat in a tube awhile back and sent my saliva to the Mormons so they could analyze it (a.k.a. I signed up for's DNA service).

My results came back, and I wasn't too surprised. I was mostly Irish (78%) with a little Eastern Europe (18%) and a tiny bit of Scandinavian (2%).

I got an email from Ancestry that told me my DNA results had been updated, since they were able to match my DNA against more samples. I was excited to see what the results might be!

As you can see, it turns out I'm even less interesting than I thought. I'm now 84% from Ireland and Scotland (mostly Ulster) and 16% Englad/Wales/Northwestern Europe.

I'm no longer a Viking. Sigh.

Now I want to walk to the PHL Airport

I don't drive, which is a difficult idea for some people to comprehend.

Generally, it works out fine. I live in a city with pretty good public transportation, I like to walk a lot, and I'm married to someone who does drive (though I very rarely ask her to drive me somewhere since I made a choice not to get a license I feel like I can't expect her to chauffeur me around! Plus there are many ways to get places so it isn't too much of a problem. At least that's my side of the story!).

The only times in my life that I've been even slightly annoyed by my lack of the ability to legally operate a motor vehicle is when I am traveling. Specifically when I'm trying to leave, or go to, an airport outside of Philly.

In Philly it is super easy for me to get to the airport and I even have several options. However, one option I've never considered was walking.

That is until I read this post in which Ian describes his various successful, and not so successful, walks from airports to downtown locations.

I feel inspired!

It also reminded me of our recent trip to Ireland.


We started in Dublin and ended up in Dublin, but I knew for that last night we didn't want to stay too far from the airport since we had an earlish flight. I booked us a room at the Maldron Hotel which claims to be the closest hotel to the Dublin airport. A claim which I assumed was true, but I didn't realize exactly how close it was.

Once we parked our rental car (which we had planned to return in the morning) and checked it we realized it was a 5 minute walk to the airport. We decided to return the car a night early and then just walk back to the hotel and walk to the airport in the morning.

It was honestly such a great decision. Not only did we get a little exercise, but it was so stress free returning the car without the pressure of our flight time hanging over us.

What I'm saying here is simple: walk to the airport.