TMBG Concert


Thanks to my pal, and yours, Lex I was able to attend the TMBG concert on Saturday.

I do enjoy seeing concerts at the TLA, but I always purchase the VIP upgrade because I’m too old to stand for an entire concert. I managed to convince Lex that this was a worthy use of some of this hard earned money, and that’s how we ended up sitting in the VIP section just to the side of the stage (and near the bar… though we didn’t drink anything).

Here’s what we looked like:

Two handsome fellows ready to rock out! Woo!

Oddly, a young lady came up to us (the VIP section is separated from the general admission folks by a low wall which serves as a counter top for those sitting) and asked us how people got to sit in the VIP area. In fact she said, “Can anyone sit here? Or is it for speical people?” Lex and I looked at one another, and then Lex tried to explain how the concept of a VIP section works. She ignored him and asked me how people got to sit there and said, “I can, like, barter for a seat.”

Now, I don’t know for sure what she had in mind for bartering… but I have a pretty good idea.

To which I replied, “Wait? Do you think we have some sort of power over who sits here? We don’t! You just have to…”

And as soon as I said “we don’t” she pivoted and walked away without a word.

Very odd.

The concert, though, was great!

Thanks again, Lex, for inviting me!

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