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Ireland 2018: Day 8

Continuing our theme of visiting important Christian sites day 8 found us headed to the Rock of Cashel which includes a cathedral and church (though the church was closed for restoration).

We went on another tour, and boy was the wind really blowing. It was difficult at some times to even hear what the guide was saying. However, while it wasn’t exactly sunny the weather made for some good pictures.

The size of the ruin was impressive:

Of course there was a model:

Of course the Irish seem to like to turn ruin sites into graveyards:

This tomb was very large, and featured a huge Celtic cross which fell off 40 years ago:

And they just let the pieces lay since the site is technically government land but the grave stones are private property:

The main action is up on the Rock, but there is also a ruin which is part of the complex a short walk away:

Assuming that most people wouldn’t want to take a short walk we headed over to find the ruin mostly empty:

And the views back to the Rock were very nice:

And after all that walking we needed some food so we headed to this tiny tea room near the car park (as they say). It wasn’t fancy, but it was very good:

And you know I took lots more pictures. Check them all out.

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