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Ireland 2018: Day 7

I do enjoy visiting a fort, and Kinsale offered up not only Charles Fort but some good fish and chips (or so the Internet told me).

Off to Dino’s Fish and chips for lunch, and let me tell you it was tasty. Plus I got to eat lunch with this cute lady:

After we ate lunch we wondered around the town and popped into a few of the bookstores. This bookstore had a door into another universe:

And then took a look at a model of the town as it was many years ago:

And admired this noble dog who was waiting for his human (and ignoring us):

We decided to walk to the fort via the Scilly Walk, which I recommend if you’re ever in Kinsale. It is an easy walk, except for the final bit that gets pretty hilly… though it is still paved so not very difficult just harder than the start. Anyway, you get lovely views of the fort:

Oh, look! Another model. This time of Charles Fort:

We joined a tour group composed mainly of other Americans which made me want to apologize to the tour guide for all these Americans not paying attention. I did get pretty good pictures of this fort (which failed during the only time it was in battle):

Once we were done I wanted to walk all the way back through town and then to James Fort, which is a ruin, but Marisa was up for just going home and chilling. Since she was doing all the driving I thought it only fair that I not drag her to another fort, so we spent the evening watching the Great British Bake Off on an iPad and reading.

If you want to see all my pictures of the day check out this album.

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