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Ireland 2018: Day 6

After our full day on Day 5 of driving and sightseeing, a laidback day 6 was on order. This was helped greatly by the previous night’s discovery that while in Ireland several seasons of The Great British Bake Off are available on Netflix (in fact, as I type this we’re watching the season 2 semi-final).

We decided to sleep in, go to a farmers’ market in Midleton and do a little shopping and walking around in Cork. I didn’t take a huge amount of pictures, because we really didn’t do all that much… and it was wonderful.

We started the day off petting Flicker, one of the Ballymaloe House resident dogs:

We saw this memorial in Midleton:

And this one in Cork:

And I really liked this awesome Church. That’s a Jesus I can get behind:

Oh, and I bought a book at the very cute Midleton Books:

See all my Day 6 pics here (though there aren’t that many more to see!).

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