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Ireland 2018: Day 4

Before leaving Belfast we had to have breakfast. I am not known as a tea drinker, but this trip may hav changed that. Can you believe I’ve never put milk in my tea? Here’s proof that I’ve changed my ways:

I love a good municipal building, and when I found out that one can tour Belfast’s City Hall I was in:

The building is as impressive as one would expect from a building built at the behest of Queen Victoria:

Marisa decided to try her hand at Belfast politics:

The Titanic had a large impact on this city, and so we visited the memorial garden on the grounds of City Hall:

We had a two hour drive to our next evening’s stay, so we decided to break up the drive with a visit to Crom Estate.

It features a ruined castle:

And lots of grounds to walk around and enjoy:

And some moss:

After our constitutional on Crom Estate we headed to Finn Lough so we could check into our bubble in the woods:

Staying in a bubble was an interesting experience, and better than I thought it would be. The bubble was very warm, the bed very comfortable, and the bathroom more than acceptable for a bubble.

Finn Lough did a good job of positioning the bubbles so it feels like you’re all alone in the woods. Sadly, our neighboring bubble was occupied by some rather loud people so that ruined the illusion of solitude. They did quiet down around 9pm, so it wasn’t a big deal but it kept us grounded in the reality of the shared bubble space.

Still, I enjoyed being a boy in a bubble.

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