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Ireland 2018: Day 11

After the Ring of Kerry we needed another relaxing day (though all of our days were pretty darn laidback if I’m being honest), so it was decided that we would sleep in on Day 11 and get a late start. Of course, this would be one of the few very sunny days of our trip, though we did get to spend a good bit of it outside.

Thanks to the clear weather I noticed that there are wind turbines in the distance:

We decided that we didn’t want to go to far, so we went to visit Cobh, which was the last port of departure for the Titanic. On the way we saw this very creepy statue:

By the time we got to Cobh all the museums (there are two) were closing, so we just took advantage of the beautiful day and walked along the waterfront (and saw many puppies). I also took one of my favorite pictures of the trip:

Clearly this is still a water based town:

Here we are after having eaten some ice cream:

More boats:

This small town seemed to be a rather large port of call, and as such many shipping companies had offices here:

Here’s a neat detail from one of the buildings:

I was intrigued by this building. What could it be, I wondered? We quickly found it that it is, oddly, a Chinese restaurant.

After that we walked around for a bit and then headed to the Marks and Spencer in Cork to pick up some dinner (Marisa may have fallen in love with the food offerings at M&S), and were greeted on our return by this rather curious little lamb:

I’ve included most of the pictures I took on this day, but check out the rest if you like.

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