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Ireland 2018: Day 1

When Marisa and I were discussing where to go on a vacation I couldn’t help but suggest we head to Ireland… again.

We had such a wonderful time the first time that Marisa was up for a return visit (in fact I’m typing these very words in Belfast, Northern Ireland right now!).

Our first day (see all my pictures in this album) in Ireland found us flying into Dublin and hopping into a rental car and getting out of Dublin as quickly as we could. Last visit we saw the highlights of Dublin, so we didn’t feel the need to stick around.

We pointed our car towards Carlingford, where we were spending the night, by way of Monasterboice:

Now a graveyard, it was a monastery several hundred years ago and sports some of the largest Celtic crosses on the island (Marisa here for scale):

The graveyard had some very sturdy walls:

Off we went to Carlingford to check into our hotel for the evening and look cute in front of it:

Then we ventured into the village and took a bunch of pictures. Of things like this arch:

We visited another grave yard, as you do:

And went down to the lake to take some lovely pictures of the vista:

Saw a ladder into the water (hey, nice shoes!):

Later that evening I needed a few more steps (gotta please that Fitbit) and took some pictures of the castle at night:

And the last moments of the sun:

Carlingford is a charming little town, and we had a lovely time. I only wish that my time in the town hadn’t ended with me thinking I had lost my camera on my night time stroll. I spent the morning attempting to find my camera by retracing my steps, only to get a text message from Marisa – she found my camera in my laptop bag. Hurrah for not losing the camera, but boo for me being dumb.

Next up, Day 2 takes us to Belfast!

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