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A few weeks ago I posted about my weight, and the fact that I didn't think I'd meet my personal goal of losing 100 pounds by my birthday.

And I totally didn't do it!

However, I hopped on the scale on Friday and it told me that I had lost 100.9 pounds. Woo! I wasn't too far off my birthday deadline, so I'll take that as a win (plus I had several slices of birthday cake, which I don't regret at all!).

That means I'm 127 pounds below my highest weight, which is crazy! Of course, since I am a big fan of round numbers I have decided I should try and get rid of 23 more pounds for a total of 150 pounds down... we'll see how that goes.

37 minutes and 24 seconds


Today was unseasonably warm in Philadelphia, so I thought to myself, “I should go run outside instead of on that dumb old treadmill I’ve been running on for weeks and weeks!”

The last time I ran outside it was Christmas Eve, I was in Texas, and I wasn’t feeling the run at all. I ran 3,3 miles in 40 minutes and 48 seconds.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my run today - actually, I expected it to slow and horrible. It wasn’t! Well, it was as horrible as running always is, but I ran my best 4 mile time (outside) ever and I mananged to run 4 sub-10 minute miles in a row.

Hurrah for me!