A few weeks ago I posted about my weight, and the fact that I didn’t think I’d meet my personal goal of losing 100 pounds by my birthday.

And I totally didn’t do it!

However, I hopped on the scale on Friday and it told me that I had lost 100.9 pounds. Woo! I wasn’t too far off my birthday deadline, so I’ll take that as a win (plus I had several slices of birthday cake, which I don’t regret at all!).

That means I’m 127 pounds below my highest weight, which is crazy! Of course, since I am a big fan of round numbers I have decided I should try and get rid of 23 more pounds for a total of 150 pounds down… we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Amazing Scott! Go go go! I’m glad WW is working for you. It used to work for me when I was younger but in recent years, no matter how much I track and keep to my points, it does not work. I finally had to make huge dietary changes. No mammals, no grains of any kind, no dairy, v. little alcohol, no sugar. And in the past 50 days, I managed to lose 18 pounds. So pleased. I have gained so much since moving to CT and it was really dragging me down. I keep my carbs to about 70-100 a day and that really helps me. I know this isn’t relevant for your weight loss progress and I’m not telling you what to do, but it is kind of amazing to me how my body has changed in terms of dietary needs over the years.

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