Star Trek: Ships of the Line 2018 Calendar

A new calendar!

One thing that Marisa knows will also be a Christmas present hit with me is the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar. Every year, up until this year, Marisa has purchased this calendar for me and I loved it!

Last year was no exception! I unwrapped the calendar, knowing was it was, and tucked it next to the couch so I could bring it to work with me when my “Special Winter vacation” was over.

And that’s where it sat until yesterday when I noticed it sitting there unloved, unused, and neglected. I pulled out it and showed it to Marisa. She said, “yeah, that’s why you’re not getting that calendar this year.”

Or am I? Well, I bought it for myself (only 7 bucks!) but I did learn my lesson: I had it shipped to work where it is already gracing my cubicle wall:

Ready for 2018

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