My favorite reads of 2017

There’s still a few days until Christmas, so what better time to recommend a few books that I think we well worth your time (or the time of your loved ones).

If you aren’t tickled by anything on my list you should check out Jason and Dan’s. Their taste is pretty ok. I guess.

Noumenon by Marina J. Lostetter

I do so enjoy a good science fiction story, and Noumenon has lots of stuff that I enjoy:

  • A story told across many, many years
  • Clones (who doesn’t love clones?)
  • A generation ship
  • A strange construct in the stars that people want to investigate because… it exists

My favorite aspect of this book is probably a spoiler, so I won’t share but… but it is pretty darned good.

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew J. Sullivan

A murder mystery involving people who work/hang around a bookstore? Of course I’m going to read it. In fact, I’ve read a few books that meet the same general description and Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore is one of the best.

Now, I will say that it suffers from the same problem that many mystery/thrillers do: all the pieces fit together a little too well. It isn’t all that believable, but there is a reason this book is filed in fiction. You’ll like it!

Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal

I know what you’re thinking, “Another book set in WWI featuring psychics talking to dead soldiers!” but this one is good!

I will admit that I recall little of the story but Robinette Kowal is a great writer and I think this book has wider appeal than her other series (which is basically Jane Austin with magic… and of which I’m a big fan!).

Ninefox Gambit & Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee

The first two books in, what I assume, is a trilogy. The final book will be published in 2018, so now is the time to read the first two. And I have to tell you, you’ll have no idea of what is happening for a good part of the first book… because I sure as heck didn’t. But I loved it. So much. The second book is far more straightforward of a story, but it’ll really make no sense if you don’t read the first one.

Read them both and you’ll thank me later.

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