TNG Season 1 Favorite Episode

I figured an easy 7 posts for this series would be to name my favorite episode from each season of TNG. Seems like a great idea, right?

Well, I forgot about season 1. It is not so good. I mean, it really isn’t good. I have no idea how TNG managed to get another season, but I’m glad it did.

For my season 1 favorite I have to pick a pretty ridiculous episode: Justice.

Why Justice? This is the one where the TNG crew beam down to Planet Jazzercise. Everyone wears very, very little. And you can’t just *walk* from place to place on Planet Jazzercise. No, one must jog!

Plus there’s a deep voiced glittering orb. How can you not like a glittering orb?

Oh, and Wesley is sentenced to death for crashing into a garden plot. Stupid Wesley.

Now, to be clear this isn’t a good episode of TNG. But I enjoy the fact that it is pretty crazy pants (despite the fact that no one on Planet Jazzercise wears pants).

You can watch the whole thing in 10 minutes, if you must.

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