Staff Retreat

Staff retreat aftermath

I have an interesting (and fun) job. This year I was tasked with organizing our Staff Retreat. Brainstorming with some colleagues of mine we came up with a great idea: building model rockets.

It was lots of fun (though I must admit I forgot just how high those damn rockets go, and how sometimes they don’t go up but rather go towards a large group of people).

I was busy attending to details of the event so I didn’t remember to take any pictures of rockets! Here’s some of the aftermath though.

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  1. Cool retreat idea!
    Then there was the time I somehow managed to incorporate launching a model rocket into a 7th grade English paper. We all walked out to the giant field behind my middle school and I launched at least two of them. No mishaps (thankfully). Not sure what my teacher was thinking, except it was before people became quite so quick on the trigger with lawsuits.

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