Everything is coming up D&D

A d20 just like you want to see it

The last couple of weeks have been heavy on the D&D for me. First, the long time in the planning the Incomparable D&D session happened over the weekend. The podcast isn’t up, but you can watch it on YouTube if you’re into that sort of thing (and who isn’t).

I also penned a piece for The Magazine about how D&D has shaped me as a person. The isn’t my normal kind of writing, but I’m pleased with how it came out (thanks to Marisa for helping, and thanks for Glenn for accepting the pitch!).

Let me know what you think of the piece. I’m very curious because this kind of writing is outside of my comfort zone. I’m also concerned that the last section makes me out to be something of a sociopath, but I’m really not! You can trust me, I totally have “human” “emotions.”

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  1. That was a great article Scott! I’m not just saying that because I’m in it (although that was a nice surprise). You’re the best dude.

  2. It does.. as does the later sentiments regarding our continued friendship despite the 200+ miles between us.

  3. Hurrah! I'm not a damned dirty liar! And my memory isn't failing… yet. Though I must admit shooting the flowers is about the only thing I remember about that afternoon.
    Do you recall when Loric shot Jason's character? That was pretty neat.

  4. I do! Loric was a total bad ass, and later on a very rich total badass.
    I seem to recall a lot of bad things happening to Jason’s characters – though this was the only one I can recall for sure (I know something bad happened to his witch hunter almost immediately after he made him, but can’t remember the details).
    On another note – Where else other than a D&D session could we have possibly heard the following: “…Speaking of Battleships in backyards” on multiple occasions.

  5. And we heard that battleship thing over and over again! Good times. 🙂
    I'm still not sure why the rest of the party let Loric take all those platinum bars, but it did let him build a castle and raise an army.

  6. You going to put up the next part of that D&D session? I actually watched the whole thing – brought back some memories.

  7. I loved the article. Great job. Well written. Also, it reminded me of my efforts to be social at Wharton. In any case, the reason I arrived here today was because I had a dream about you last night. In it, you were visiting me in New Haven. I was showing you the mailbox that is painted to look like R2-D2 in our shopping district.

  8. I admit that there wasn’t a ton of action in said dream but it did make me miss the days when Paul, David & I would take you out for your birthdays.

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