Binge Viewing: TV’s Lost Weekends –

Becky pointed out this WSJ article about TV Binge Viewing on Twitter, and it hit home with me. Oddly enough I just started watching the first season of Breaking Bad via Netflix earlier this week and finished it last night. Seems I’m not alone:

“Breaking Bad” is high on the list of TV shows that drive the most compulsive viewing, according to Netflix number-crunchers. Some 73% of members who started streaming season one of “Breaking Bad” finished all seven episodes. Seasons two and three were longer—13 episodes each—yet the completion rate jumped to 81% and 85%, respectively.

I plan to spend a good part of the weekend watching Season 2 (though when Marisa isn’t around since Breaking Bad is one of those shows that I like that is TIM: Too Intense for Marisa. Other TIM shows include The Walking Dead and Dexter).

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  1. The Walking Dead is something I really disliked but Breaking Bad is not that bad at all. Ah Dexter…now that’s a good show, I really need to pick up where I left off!

  2. We are watching Breaking Bad, finally. What do you think? Questlove called it “the white wire” which I don’t think is true at all since the Wire is Shakespearean and had both white and black people. Breaking Bad is not Shakespearean and only has white people (well, and a few evil Latinos). I do enjoy it, but find its violence a little gratuitous sometimes.

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