The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide is now available

Hey cats and kittens, the day you’ve been waiting for is upon us (well, it actually happened yesterday but I was busy taking the day off): my latest book, The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide, is officially available for sale in hardcopy!

To celebrate I thought I would give away some copies of the book to Blankbaby readers/followers. I have 15 copies of the book to give away, so leave a comment on this post by January 24th to enter. If more than 15 people comment then I will randomly select the winner, and if less than 15 people comment everyone wins (if exactly 15 people comment the universe will implode).

The book covers the basics from using the web browser, buying media from Amazon, and more advanced topics like side loading apps and filling your Kindle Fire up with non-Amazon purchased content (you can do it!).

All that I ask from the handsome/lovely people who win a copy is that you leave a review on Amazon after you’ve read the book. Just share how you felt about the book: good or bad (though I think this book will be a boon to any Fire owner).

11 responses to “The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide is now available”

  1. Oh my gosh… my dad bought one for my mom, and they are both trying to figure out how the heck to use it (they’re in their 70s)! This book will be a big help. Will order one for them now. Hope all is well with you and M. 🙂

  2. I don’t yet have a Kindle Fire, just a Kindle keyboard. I’m considering getting the Fire, maybe this will convince me 😉

  3. My husband got a Fire for his birthday and the one-time avowed hater of e-readers LOVES IT. No kidding. Your book would be a great treat for him.

  4. Ah, just noticed it was Jan. 24th and not Feb. 24th. Any copies left? I just got one for Christmas too and having lots of questions.

  5. I have a regular Kindle that I love, and then I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas (was told it could do a lot more than the Kindle) but I have no idea how to use it. I always get frustrated with trying to use it and the people who gave it to me gets frustrated with me asking so many questions (we live in different cities) that they’re always tell me to call Amazon. I am soooooo tired of the whole thing that I’m thinking about returning it but I know if I can learn to operate it I would truly enjoy it and in addition if I returned it I would be hurting their feelings. So getting a copy of your book would really help and would truly be appreciative.

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