10 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Kindle Fire

My dear, dear publisher, Peachpit, asked me if I would be interested in writing an article for their website about the Kindle Fire. I, of course, was interested and wrote 10 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Kindle Fire:

Did you know that you can email documents, load your own content, and sideload apps with the Kindle Fire? Scott McNulty, author of The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide, offers a list of ten cool things he loves about the Kindle Fire.

Go ahead and read it, dude!

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  1. Hey Mickey, that’s a great use for your Fire. Many people aren’t aware of all the cool content Amazon has available for streaming that Prime members don’t have to pay for.

  2. The access to the Amazon Prime Catalog was enough to finally push me to pay for Amazon Prime. I figure I buy nearly enough from Amazon anyway to justify it and the video access is icing on the cake.
    A friend of mine today asked me about buying a Fire. I told him to wait for the Fire 2 which I expect to see out in the spring sometime. If the rumor of a bigger screen is true it is probably a good purchase decision to wait and see.
    Mickey Mills
    The Prodigal Scribe

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