Can I call the beyond with Google Voice?

CalldadIt is Father’s Day here in the US, and I wish a happy day to all the dads out there that I know (A side note: the number of fathers in my social circle is increasing at an alarming rate. Clearly, I am old).

I logged into my Gmail account to see Google helpfully remind me that I should call my dad today. I would, the only trouble is that my father is dead.

I know someone at Google thought it would be a good idea to promote the phone call feature of GTalk on Father’s Day but I have an inkling I’m not the only Gmail user out there with a dead dad.

Thanks, Google!

5 responses to “Can I call the beyond with Google Voice?”

  1. Just a few years for me, and I noticed the same thing.
    On a side note, many people wished me a happy Father’s day on Friday as I was leaving work. So, while you feel old – I am old enough that people just assume I have kids!

  2. I don’t think Google is insensitive. It’s just that it has answers to all the complex things but has not tried to understand the simple emotions. Google is just like fathers who try to provide the best that they can to their children but still lag behind when compared to mothers because mothers understand the emotions better.

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