Presentation: Building a Blog People Want to Read And eReaders

Yesterday I gave a presentation to the fine folks at PANMA. I happily agreed to give the presentation because I like talking in front of groups, and then I immediately regretted it because I am deeply shy.

Pushing aside my shyness I whipped up a presentation about two seemingly unrelated topics: improving your blog and the current eReader/tablet landscape. What is the glue that holds these two topics together? Why, my interest in them, of course!

The presentation is embedded above and available via this link. Check it out.

Overall I think the presentation went well, and the audience had some great questions (thanks to Marisa for pitching in and sharing some details about how she has been so successful with Food in Jars). Note to self: skip the Libya joke next time.

Here are some links to things I mention in the presentation:

Blogging links:

eReader/Tablet links:

After I was done (I managed to talk for about 1.5 hours!) Marisa told me I did a good job. Her praise, of course, is suspect since she loves me and all. I was happy to hear from some audience members (none of whom love me, I assume) that they thought my talk was entertaining and informative (despite the Libya joke). A couple even complimented me on the pictures in my presentation.

Go me!

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