Describe me in three words

I thought this blog was defunct, and I bet you did as well.

Actually, I’ve just been reading a lot as of late so I have been ignoring my blog readers (I think that the only people who read this blog now are my lovely wife Marisa and my friends Glenn and Julie… prove me wrong Internet!).

Anyway, over on Twitter I came across a Web site called ThreeWords. The idea is you setup an account and people can describe you using three words… so I thought why not ask my blog readers to explain me in three words. Click this link and list the three words that you think describe me best.

After awhile I’ll write a blog post about the words that have been used! Won’t that be fun?

8 responses to “Describe me in three words”

  1. I’m coming to the party late so please…accept apologies.
    Aren’t most blogs falling to the ‘140 character blight’ now days?
    So…. Scott…”generous”, “gracious”, “nerdly funny”

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